Follow no one. Get inspiration from others, be mentored by others, collab with others, but carve your own path.

Listen to your gut. Even if others in the crowd are moving different and shunning you for your decisions, you stay true to your path. Their path is not your path.

Alignment is everything. Some parts of life are based on your alignment of those parts. When a car is misaligned, it swerves left and right, deviating off the path ahead. Align yourself with people, places and things that will keep you focused toward your progression.

Be the buffalo. Cows try to run away from storms, while buffalo run toward the storm. Don’t spend your life trying to run away from conflict or challenges, because it’ll eventually catch up to you. Be the buffalo. Run towards it, face it head on, and move past it quickly. 

Keep your momentum going. It is okay to take a breather and reset sometimes, but don’t rest for too long. A body at rest stays at rest. And a body at motion…you know the rest.

Protect yourself at all times, in all aspects of your life. Protect your health, protect your resources and most importantly, protect your sanity. There will be those who try to take your shine by subterfuge, but you protect it.

Just keep going. Whether the outcome is favorable or not, you’ll love yourself more for not giving up. 


Let your fears go and keep going.